Avenari: A new adult paranormal romance, approx. 295,000 words. Recommended for ages 18-28 (but that's just a ballpark suggestion of appropriate demographic--we all know this to be a crock).

Contains vampires, occasional graphic violence, erotica, and a few words you might not want to say in front of your grandmother (unless your grandmother is AWESOME).


Blurb: When given the choice years ago to become a vampiress, Lydian Theyer jumped at the chance. After all, her parents were long dead, she had no means to support herself, and it seemed like an adventure waiting to be had. She changed her name and joined Simone, her Maker, in what promised to be an eternal, intriguing journey.

But it wasn't. There were no whirlwind adventures, no battles against evil vampires, and definitely no vacations. It was just night after night of Simone's lessons on the Shimari Empire (the vampires' ruling body and Simone's boss) and its political waffling, mindless hours of chess against her adopted (significantly) older sisters and brother, little trips to coffee shops with her best friends, Ivan and Sam...

It was kind of boring, actually.

At least, it had been.

When Lynn finally decides that enough is enough and breaks a few rules, something happens--a switch is thrown that she hadn't even known was there, and the wheel of fate begins to turn again. She gains her first new friend in decades, acquires powers that both astonish and terrify her, and learns things about her family that Simone had known but never divulged. At last, her wish comes true--the adventure is right there, waiting for her to step out of Simone's cage and into a world of magic and excitement.

But then she discovers how her mother really died. She receives her mother's last wish. She meets the monster who did the deed and is suddenly faced with the hardest task she's ever known:

She has to forgive the murdering bastard...and help him become something more sociable than the misanthropic and demonic vampire-among-vampires that he currently happens to be.

...This may take a while.


Chapter Listing: The links below will take you to whichever chapter in the story you want to see. Naturally, I recommend that you start from the beginning, but that's entirely up to you. Please alert me to broken links, and I shall fix them ASAP. I'm loading them a bit at a time--it hurts my brain to do this for too long at a time, so it may take a few days to upload the whole thing. Thanks for your reading and patience!

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  1. So I just now finished this book. The chapters that weren't uploaded here I read on FictionPress.

    Ye gods.

    That beast was so long but I couldn't put it down and I loved every chapter and I felt every character. I love Lynn, I love Andris, I love the vampiric sociopath that is Quelos. I love the weapons, I love the places and I love every inch of history to the Shimari culture. If you haven't caught on I love every single bit and am more than willing to recommend this to every person I come across.

    I loved the comedy and depth of the characters, I felt that they were actually there in their homes in America and Japan, the ten or so years you spent on this really shows. The last couple of chapters had me deep into the action and had me full of tears and feels. And unbelievably the epilogue made me just want more. I can't express enough of what I liked about this book.

    I'll leave it that and go take a well deserved break to reflect on it all before diving back into the depths of your world in Ambri-Qis. Thank you for posting this and I truly hope you get published soon and I will definitely be one of the first to pick up a physical copy.

    1. Oh I forgot to mention. YOUR EVIL.

      *clears throat*

      In a good sorta way.